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Click HERE to review the change. Governing Across the Divide was a unique series of topical, thought-leadership convenings hosted by the National Academy of Public Administration Academy. These four gatherings were solution-focused and aimed at identifying the best practices to bridge the gaps and obstacles that prevent the scaling of services across all levels of government.

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The four topics were the changing role of states, innovation in local government service delivery, the future of public service and citizenship, and resilient critical infrastructure. Effective, collaborative, and co-produced solutions to the problems facing our communities and our country begin with motivated leaders. Listen here. Dave : Well.


There are some legacy tracks and some very new material. I have had a lot of songs that I couldn't finish until the technology came along. With the arrival of 'Pro-Tools' I have been able to work on the songs and get them into a state where Martin Smith can work his magic as a producer. Dave : Richard does not play on the album, mainly because he is not in the loop technically.

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