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Excerpt from The Age of Pericles, Vol. He supplied in consequence a connecting summary, the section known to the ancients as the Pentecontaeteris or Pentecontaetia, from the number of years embraced, such as appeared sufficient for his own purpose; compared however with our present rational requirements, it is, as might be expected, jejune and unsatisfactory.

The history of the arts, which is for us one of the main interests of the period, escapes his notice entirely; and yet at this particular time a work of art was apt to have the significance of a political incident, as its purport and vicissitudes had no unfrequent bearing on political feeling. The life of the people during this happier and more tranquil period, was as much engrossed by poetry and the arts as by politics; of the two interests, at present so distinct, each is found among Oreeks reacting on the other, and it is often difficult to determine which is predominant.

Formas divertidas para desear feliz cumpleaños a tus amigos en Facebook : Todo Facebook

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